Development 1, Nur Aisyah Khairuddin, 2017
Development 2, Nur Aisyah Khairuddin, 2017
Final thumbnail, Nur Aisyah Khairuddin, 2017

With the influence of Post Soviet architecture, I have taken Kutaisi Airport as my reference drawing. I chose the two types of curtain wall and the wall design/pattern of the building as my architectural elements. This is because; these elements play a big role on the transparency of the spaces of a building.The airport has 4 groups of spaces and with a main void structure in the center, thus my drawing shows 4 different usages and movements of people in each space with the architecture elements mentioned. The spaces with curtain walls indicate public spaces while the spaces with plain walls indicate private spaces. The differences in density of grid hatch in each curtain wall and wall indicate the movements of each space. The denser the grid hatch (thicker line weight), the least movement of a space has. The drawing is also influenced by the concept of Transparency after the Rose Revolution that is applied to all police stations in Georgia. This concept is to show the citizens that there is nothing to hide. With the drawing in oblique view, the glass envelope of the building is exploded to reveal the unseen views of the spaces.



Combined drawing 1, Nur & Archie, 2017
Combined drawing 2, Nur & Archie, 2017

Experimented with two types of drawings;

Combined drawing 1:

The oblique view drawing is an investigation into the difference between the condition of Transparency, movements in spaces and Infinite mass production, so even though it may appear that the architectural elements are ongoing they are in fact confined by a clear boundary.  In turn, this drawing is the meeting point of our two disturbances/conditions.

Combined drawing 2:

This second oblique drawing investigates again the meeting between our two conditions. This is represented in a slightly more abstracted approach where each structural architectural element at the centre infinitely continues and the representation of the curtain wall disposition, conveys a logistical manner of movement through the infinite space created, in some ways similar to the Kutaisi airport.


To be continued..