Harry// Cross Crit

I presented precedent studies and intial possible layouts for an insular bathhouse echoing the Turkish Hammam style , opening out into something reminiscent of the British seaside lido and the backdrop of the ports.
The bathhouse would be utilitarian as a segway for the Port labourers returning to the leisure of the Anaklia Town, embracing its contrasting vision as a tourist hub. I need to justify the imagined clients more succinctly however.
Useful feedback included the significance of other uses of the port and engaging with it, such as possibility of passenger ferries etc.
The existence of a 4-way threshold: Sea/Land and Port/Town which my project sits upon.

A5 Handout:

Collage: Baths – Seawater Lido – Port backdrop

Site Plan @ 1:1000

Precedent Studies:



Verb Models// Harry

My combined verbs were Interrupt and Claim.


Break Continuity
Stop Continous Process
Obstruct (a view)
From Latin: Inter (Between) and Ruptus (Break)


To demand ownership of.
To state a new fact, typically without providing evidence to prove it is true.
To demand ownership or right to use for land.
To proclaim.
– I used claim more in its territory making sense, as if to ‘call out and take’.

The final model uses a clear continous series of curved contours which are interrupted and subtly interrupted by the cut which claims the void behind it.

Sketch Models:

Claim and Interrupt











I understood propagate as growth within confinement, or under control, so I let the cubes grow with my control both vertically and horizontally. In order to get encounter, I made the propogation meets each other in certain space.

From the model making, I understood that propogation is an efficient way of producing, and encounter can be understood as concise joint for how the flows (vehicle and human) function or connect.









Common Components of These Cases:

  1. Next to key transportation means
  2. Separated human and vehicle circulation
  3. Ground floor for retail, various uses in upper floors
  4. Repeated, reproductive shops
  5. Human-friendly walking spaces (no influence from the vehicle traffic flow)

Different Principles (of Spatial Organisation)

Suburban shopping centres:

  1. Close to important vehicle roads. Driving distance from the city centre
  2. Surrounded by vacant/residential area 3. A lot of parking space
  3. Equiped with its own storage/warehous

Shopping centres in town:

  1. Close to important walking roads, in very populated city centre
  2. Surrounded by hotels/shops/restaurants, etc. 3. Few parking space
  3. No sperated warehouse/storage




This element study is focused around understanding the boundary conditions of river edges in Tblisi, and sets out to answer the questions:

  • How do the river edges function as boundaries?
  • Why and how do the boundaries develop and what effect do they have to the social structures?
  • What is the technical make up of the boundary from a design, structure and construction point of view?

Vere River

Cross Section of Vere River

Section showing fortification of river edge

 The Elements making up the fortification for flood resistance are rip-raps held together in a honeycomb like structure, hooking to each other by steel bars embedded and extruding on four corners of each unit.

Over time the steel will rust and disintegrate and the precast concrete rip-raps will begin to chip and holes will begin to appear as the impact of the water tries to penetrate through.

The events that led to (to be contd…)

(work in progress)



  • Retirement Home for Europeans in Georgia located in coastal town of Anaklia.
  • Hotels are the only existing habitable facility for guests.
  • Local Georgians are eager to receive the retired guests who come from Europe with wealth, skills, and presenting knowledge transfer opportunities.
  • Europeans move to Georgia to benefit from assisted living, value for money, share in culture and life experience. The first users become spectators of the raising from the ashes of a new deep sea port that will spur on the growth and development of the town.


  • Yr 2019 – First Guests occupy a newly completed assisted living facility
  • Yr 2018 – 2020 First Phase of the Port – Infrastructure (roads, railway tracks, power station and grids, piped water, drainage, ICT)
  • Yr 2020-2022 Second Phase of Port – Buildings and Port Infrastructure (yards, warehouses, cranes)
  • Yr 2022 – Port becomes operational and becomes a hub of trade of activity
  • Yr 2022 – 2040 – Later Phases and growth and expansion of the town
  • Yr 2018 – 2050 The building negotiates its place within an expanding territory. The port is forced to confront the retirement home, and a process of mediation promotes the visibility of ageing.

Research Question:

Ageing is visible, in people and in objects. Rather than cover up, fix or hide ageing, can architecture confront the way Georgian society and society as a whole deals with its aging population?


The fringe/periphery of the proposed Free Trade Zone and adjacent to walled Anaklia Hotel.


  • The personalised facade embodies celebration. The symbol of the facade itself is individuality in ageing.
  • The wall embodies the threshold between life and death. The symbol of the wall itself is the negotiating of relationships; the foreign residents and the locals, the residents and the tourists, the residents and the multicultural port workers.


  • To be able to experience the celebration of ageing through architecture and programme.
  • To make ageing visible in the urban context

Precedent Study

Baths of Diocletian, Rome

PLAN AD300’s

Preserved walls in Solid Black | Demolished walls in Hatch

Boundary wall creating a precinct / state of exception



The Continuously Connected Wall, Infinite/infinity | The Gardens – Private, Semi-Private, Semi-Public, Public


Demolished or Underutilized in Red | Preserved in Grey       Existing/Preserved in Grey | New in Yellow

Erasure, Trace and Memory.


Heterotopic Hospitability

The project proposes a new industry in Anaklia, a retirement home for Europeans that administers the expatriation of retirees within a precinct, and critiques how Georgians, and society at large, deals with its aging population.

A heterotopic programme inhabited by:
• The Hosts – Local Georgians
• The Guests – European Retirees

Through an assemblage of experiences narrating Georgian hospitability:
• The inhabited boundary wall
• The living space
• The belvedere and spectating platform
• The garden with restaurant
• The sacred space
• The burial space and the mausoleum

Contextual Gesture
• The Wall composes a state of exception mediating varying degrees of connection and interaction between side A + wall, side B + wall, side A to B, by interruptions and projections of the surface.

Formal Gesture
• The form and facade of the living space is a framework that allows for personalisation.
• The Belvedere is an elevated walkway that spectates onto the activities of the port.

• Making aging visible in an urban context, and the threshold and crossover between life and death celebrated, through the performance of material, programme and form of the architecture.
• An assisted-living facility becomes prime commercial urban space with a global market potential.


Verbs from my brief translated into physical model:


NEGOTIATE : ‘find a way over or through’ / CONNECT / MEDIATE .. CONTROL /

Mediate /ˈmiːdɪeɪt/ : intervene in a dispute in order to bring about an agreement or reconciliation.

Convey Model /kənˈveɪ/ : transport or carry to a place


Mediate and Convey Model


Mediate Model

Convey Model

Constrain /kənˈstreɪn/ : severely restrict the scope, extent, or activity of

Constrain Model

Mediate and Convey Model


Idea Development Sketches

Guiseppe// Cross Crit

Qvevri wine making is being held up as spectacle, promoting Georgian wine culture, the Hualing Group wants to capitalise on this for mass production and export of Georgian wine. Yet, as epitomised by the new Port of Anaklia, there is a disconnect between products of global consumption and their places of production and origin.

Using the spectacle of qvevri wine making, the process as symbol is used to market mass production and export of Georgian wine. The lack of connect to context and production is exposed through the creation of a hyperreality showcasing qvevri wine production.

The Qvevri winery presents the quaint Georgian image of wine production. Upon entering the enclave you are immersed in the controlled/contrived spectacle of quaint Georgian wine production. Glorified, the Qvevri is, held up on plinth. You are taken on a journey through a controlled/orchestrated environment.




Precedent Gestures