Iqa // Progress 180220


Initial sketch idea on train station terminal plans before converting to line drawings.

Rearrangement of program layout after discussion with James. 

Structural Progress / Tutorial discussion with james regarding the structure layout.

Masterplan ; Combination of Nur’s Logistic park and my terminal station.

Section of logistic park and train station shows our combined programme. That is by having the shared space and public space merged between Nur’s Warehouse and my train station. 




Principles of three dimensional design
Wucius Wong

“Helps beginning designers think sculpturally by examining the elements of three-dimensional design and the use of simple planes and lines in geometric construction”
Title and description is self-explanatory – an excellent resource




// exploration of grid without “disturbance of grid” //


// AZUAN//

After receiving a several a comments and feedback, another approach applied which is how to treat a plane surface as a void. Means that all the surface became void area and all the column are protruding up to became a new surface. This ideology still using the three of approach by three project up by using of three element which is consistency of grid, disturbance of grid ( void ) and randomly grid.


This drawing shows that combination of three element (above) how to create a a historical monument. Based on this oblique drawing, its clearly shows that consistency grid of column which is have new disjunction to create new experiences, the surface became a void area and randomly space between another columns shows that’s 3 type of monument and collective memory.



// “Frame City” Strip – State of exception within the city walls //


// DEBBIE //

The drawing examines the architectural act of border walls; that is a continuous physical boundary on an urban scale, and explores the state of exception through an opposing urban environment, in this case the skyscraper city of competing standalone buildings. The exception created is a habitable framework city in the strip between the city walls, a concept from Yona Friedman’s Ville Spartialle.


The idea of creating a state of exception within two walls is taken from Exodus by Rem Koolhaas et al. The drawing also explores the city wall and the relationships contrived from the exististence of a wall, and a study of openings within the wall, and what meaning they imbue and perceptions they produce. This is read through movement and positioning of bodies either side of the walls and within them.




This drawing is combination between the element of grid and element of space frame. By using Peter Eiseman approach shows that the excavated space (void) represent the past (void represent remembering the past ) and series of column between consistent of grid and randomly grid was apply at the surface of this drawing.


Space frame by Debbie….




From what I understand from the concept of New Babylon, Constant attempt to revitalize architecture by means of an exploration of its internal structures to harmoniously’ intertwine order and the pursuit of abandoning the ground for traffic and industrial space and taking their place in the heart of the productive universe through the creation of artificial programming of spaces to its inhabitants elevated above. Under an appearance of openness, privately owned public spaces are in fact extremely selective of their public. He considered vertically as an elevation, where above stretches a new spectacle landscape for play with a massive superstructure linked sectors, within where everything is malleable and changeable at whim. It’s Realization belonged to the real environmental possibilities for a social space. Regardless of the fact, Constant does not make a fetish of technology; rather, it’s a question of thinking the possibilities of social living without limitations.

Thus, this somehow relates to The Fun Palace, by Cedric Price. It was not a building in any conventional sense, but was instead a socially interactive machine, highly adaptable to the shifting cultural and social conditions of its time and place.

By assembling their own pedagogical and leisure environments using cranes and prefabricated modules in an improvisational architecture, common citizens could escape from everyday routine and serial existence and embark on a journey of learning, creativity, and individual fulfillment.

As in relating to the concept of New Babylon might be liberating way of the future, or it might be a ‘Nightmare-ish High-Tect Pleasure Prison’ and having the thought of the endless space of daily life in New Babylon is treated as a territory to the exploitation of individual plots to their maximum without dead time. However, this leads to a critical thinking of the social relations inherent to capitalism and paving the way for what urban society ‘could-or should become’. I am interested in looking into the Space in politics relationships starting with politically directed representations of space and how they contribute to its ‘Production’. This poses the question of the political ‘instrumentalization’ of space. Thus, Space is also, therefore, a political stake in the sense that it is the medium, the instrument and objective of struggles and conflicts.