Iqa // Progress 180220


Initial sketch idea on train station terminal plans before converting to line drawings.

Rearrangement of program layout after discussion with James. 

Structural Progress / Tutorial discussion with james regarding the structure layout.

Masterplan ; Combination of Nur’s Logistic park and my terminal station.

Section of logistic park and train station shows our combined programme. That is by having the shared space and public space merged between Nur’s Warehouse and my train station. 


NUR AISYAH // 180213 & 180220

180213 – Design Progress

Expanded flow diagram. To show connection and transportation flows within spaces.



Comparison between the Future Deep-Sea Port in Anaklia and the existence Port of Felixstowe.



The diagrams below show the calculation and estimation areas & dimensions of containers and the container terminals:




Programmes with areas and scale. This diagram is to show the area differences.



Site Plan of logistic park and Iqa’s train station.






Logistic Park and Train Station plans.










Section of Logistic Park and Train Station.





Integrating public space and living space.






180220 – Structure Progress

From the precedent study; Port of Felixstowe, one of the warehouse zones is with 46, 451 sq.m. of total area. Thus, this figure is used as a guideline for the proposed Domestic and International general warehouses’ areas.

The estimation number of labours involved is 15,000. Thus, the living space requires roughly 11,250 sq.m. The area is divided into 8 blocks with 25-storey each to accommodate 15,000 local and international labours.





Updated site plan of logistic park and train station. This site plan also shows the flow of cargo train track into the logistic park.



Section of logistic park and train station.






Zoomed in section to show the space connection of the programmes by Nur, Iqa and the shared programme. This section also to show the proposal on transfer beam between the living space tower, shared public space and the warehouse.


Following the Cross Critiques questions arose as to the processes of the project. The diagram below shows the processes of customs facilities that:

A. Import good for retail.

B. Import goods for distribution.

C. Export goods for distribution.

In order to successful interrogate these to inform layout, spatial diagrams were initiated. The diagrams below show how the processes could overlap and begin to define interesting moments in which architectural design will become significant. Through this process a single moment of my project articulation became compelling. This moment can be described as the tangent, a single instance in which the processes listed above all interact. In understanding this, a rethinking of the master plan and its Geo-political impact on the surrounding context was strengthened.


The diagram below shows how the tangent will interact and begin to define a new Anaklia. Within the implied radius of the circle I am proposing a new definition of the free industrial zone. This leading on from my work of inflection will allow Anaklia to become the centre of the new development and allow it to be a crucial piece in the regions development.

From working at such a vast scale the next step in the projects development will be to ‘zoom’ and consider the relationship of the tangent in regards to Abkhazia, Anaklia and the new economy of the Free Industrial Zone. The drawings below show the interaction of the commercial facade (foreground), industrial facade (background) and how they envelop the ideologies of the tangent.



Harry// Progress

I have been figuring out the organisational principles for the my programme and project, refining the idea of a linear process of cleaning for the workers from the port, alongside the more lux elements of the leisure complex aimed more at tourists and residents taking leisure time.
Below shows the Spatial arrangement diagram which clearly lays out the arrangment and relation of spaces:
I am attempting to develop this into a coherent plan, as below, which will soon be digitsed to accurately work out the relations between spaces. The organisation follows the ‘shelf’ on the port side, allowing for some view through with the leisure elements opening up onto the beach, promenade and lido with sunset views and back to the port.

Sketch Parti of arrangement along breakwater

Having established that the short section was crucial to develop along the whole length of the building I have started to consider key moments, some more refined than others so far.

Sketch Short sections
Section: Entrance/Port changing room

Precedent Studies:

I found a useful precedent in Sonsbeek Pavilion in Arnhem, Aldo Van Eyck (1966) ( The channeling of spaces with breaks and mediation between them, framing views and connections between them was an interesting example for subtle relations between separated spaces/flows.


To explore the microclimates and ‘one-roof’ structures that are unanimous in CenterParc waterparks and central buildings I drew some study sections of the spaces and how other spaces are encapsulated within.

I am developing a promenade map which presents it in a ‘theme park’ manner, highlighting key buildings and spaces along the route, but most importantly as a route in itself of which my building will be the culmination.



Verb Models// Harry

My combined verbs were Interrupt and Claim.


Break Continuity
Stop Continous Process
Obstruct (a view)
From Latin: Inter (Between) and Ruptus (Break)


To demand ownership of.
To state a new fact, typically without providing evidence to prove it is true.
To demand ownership or right to use for land.
To proclaim.
– I used claim more in its territory making sense, as if to ‘call out and take’.

The final model uses a clear continous series of curved contours which are interrupted and subtly interrupted by the cut which claims the void behind it.

Sketch Models:

Claim and Interrupt




Verb words from project articulation: Parallel and Link


PARALLEL: Working and living spaces function simultaneously.




LINK: Connecting and linking two programmes; train station and deep-sea port.





3D experiment on the Verb Model

Synthesis of PARALLEL & LINK





Finalised Verb Model






Transparency of Movement’s Barriers – Concept for Reinterpretation Drawing in Semester 1

Transparency; Reveal the Unseen Views // Glazing Element – Concept for Elemental Study in Semester 1

Transparency of Recycling Socialism – Concept for programme in Semester 2

The project of living/working and rest area space is an interaction & midpoint of land and water transportation, creates “Transparency” in political, economical and social aspects in the logistic of the port & railway infrastructure.

As the project is also labours orientated, this will create satisfied and happy workers. Open space is also plays a role in the Transparency concept to ensure the working space is comfortable and to avoid unseen views.

The usage of Transparency concept of this project; A visible presence in urban space & society, recreate domestic space; allow people to live together with shared facilities but yet a place of solitude.


Precedent Studies





Analysed and combined precedent studies





Collages on Programme




Analysis on Data Collection




Proposed Programme and Flow Diagram