At Anaklia, my layer that have any connection with river as a corridor element is :

Main Layer : Bridge, Pier, Plinth

Banal Layer : Bushed , Hedges

Elemental Layer : Flood plain

In Anaklia, Georgia, I more collecting data on that 3 layer. Its is because on this 3 layer has related each other with river. Like my main layer in term how people use bridge to go another island by using bridge. Same with abandoned pier that people still leave it as a monument but  the construction stage already stopped since long time ago. It is shows that the river still on going at Anaklia from Black sea but the government never try to stop or any attemp to propose structure that will stop the flowing of river. Means that Anaklia still need have a river as a corridor at the future.

One thing that river at Tbilisi and Batumi still have intact with structure element ( such as brick wall material, aqueduct structure, bridge and many more ) but in Anaklia more sorrounding with vegetation ( bushes ).  Means that at Anaklia need have technology at the future that can overcome the flooding.

As we know that river can be part of transportation since a long time ago. Based on discussion with Harry ( the one person in charge in term of countour of river and Black Sea), end of river at Anaklia ( the one connected with Black Sea ) suddenly became to deep.Its means that Black sea potentially can become deep sea port at the future. End of the sea which is connected with Black Sea also can potentially to create harbour. Its means that river that connected with Black Sea can be part of transportation hub at the future.


Dmitri Bra, Lida Driva, Silvia Ribot – Flooding Mechanism


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