Response to Problem Statement
The project proposes to establish a municipality building in which a town hall, a library and a civic space are accommodated to provide the people of Anaklia with services, information, education, culture and recreation.

Use: Municipality – town hall, library, civic space
User: People of Anaklia & logistic labours
Schedule: Services, information, education, culture and recreation

Formal Gesture
By establishing a municipal building for the community of Anaklia, it will enhance traditional Georgian ‘supra’ ritual and strengthen the cultural and ethical values.

By having four different functions – town hall, library & civic space; integrated into a public building, it will provide a place where inclusion, participation, identity, concentration and social relationship are manifested, as well as pride and sense of belonging.

Key themes: – municipality, centrality, locality, community


As we know that they have a stress / love-hate relationship between Georgia and Abkhazia in term of political issues and border issue. Abkhazia state already construct steel wall and use that as a border between this two state. Based on political information that, that steel wall becomes a physical border. At the same time, in term of nature resources border was highlight by the river itself – Enguri River. This river becomes nature resources border and share the natures resources together.


Upcoming project for this semeter will be how to reduce the tension between this two state. By using a nature resources as a catalyst, the river can be use as a platform to connect between this two state together. Water Purification Centre will be proposed between the island in this river in hope that they can share the nature resources and clean water together at the future.




Archie Watson//Cross Crit

From Anaklia site mapping exercises, it’s clear there is presently a lack of services infrastructure capable of maintaining a deep-sea port, including the basic resources, number of buildings and suitable road conditions for the perceived increase of population, job opportunities and outside trade.  This is evident as there are currently no petrol stations within a 20km radius.

Anaklia minor road conditions, November 2017
Lazika abandoned road network, November 2017








Because of this, I propose a new service station and thoroughfare on the town’s outskirts towards the eastern entrance.  This will help connect the proposed free industrial zone to other areas of manufacture and provide a relaxation/networking hub for foreign tourists, Gem festival-goers and the deep sea port transportation workforce.

Poti – Anaklia, Thorough fare proposal
Context Scale Plan
Site Plan

The “Georgian Identity” strategy advises a Typical Plan layout to encourage flexible future expansion.  Architectural elements are duplicated and arranged as a message to imagine a moment in the worker’s life as part of a single cohesive whole.  The pipeline or road network may hint at the process of obtaining the resource/labour conditions.  It’s the act of uncovering the unseen and expressing Georgia’s situation through its architecture.

Design Idea 1
Design Idea 2

Equally, I was questioning what could make this infrastructure spectacular? I.e. the sheer scale of the construction or the views of adjacent landscape when the infrastructure acts as a part of a journey seen in precedents such as, the Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, the Balcombe Viaduct or the Autogrill service station.


Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, Spain – 1st century AD
Balcombe Viaduct, David Mocatta – West Sussex, 1841
Fondo Pavesi Autogrill, Angelo Bianchetti – Montepulciano

The exploration into architectural elements that supersise and interlock with each other could suggest service station spaces which frame the volume of the street that the existing pipeline associates with.  I’ve thought of my service station as a figurative gateway to the old town of Anaklia so the idea of expressing the history and negative consequences of capitalism/exploitation can be seen when the subsequent planned developments emerge.

Views of Service Station in Site Context
Service Station Ground Floor Plan
Service Station Volumes Intersecting and Framing

IQA // Cross Crit

Anaklia can be seen as a potential transit hub where it sits strategically on the middle of east and west situation between Poti and Abhkazia and in the corner of north and south situation of China and Europe. The proposed transit hub is to generate new opening trade routes for neighboring countries (especially Abkhazia) and as a new transit point on part of the silk route.

Hence, the proposed site is to be place next to the future port of lazika that also could help accommodate mediation for travellers and a station that helps navigate commodities.My aim is to to strike a balance and interlinking between the two by not separating the programme and show transparency of how the spatial layout could work together

The aspect of directionality could represent viable choice for access to and from black sea ports. The train station that create interchange meeting point and transition for logistics. Hence, the train station design is to show frontalilty, axiality and alignment. Where the terminal is place perpendicular to the east-west axis which to have fluidity of circulation (for visitors & transport hub for container terminal)


The collage is to show integration of programme and a display of movement where, As people and cargo transverse between the nodes, the hub is the be a centralised as a major infrastructure for the mobility assembly and disposal of passengers and freights.





Inflection within architecture comments on the way in which a whole is implied through exploiting the individual objects opposed to their position or number.

It also refers to architectural gestures that imply a centre.

This can be seen explicitly within Palladio’s Villas; an example of this is Villa Emo. Villa Emo also employs a system of presenting and hiding.

The grand framing of the landscape is captured in its perceived front and its programme hidden from view.

When analysing existing and proposed Anaklia, the shift from a centrally located centre to one being manipulated by massive incoming development becomes apparent.

How is this then going to affect Anaklia socially, economically and politically?

Can the simple act of inflection produce geo-political relevance within Anaklia?


Precedent Studies

By using the same system of analysis, five precedent studies have been used to understand: the border condition, extension, infrastructural links and architectural gesture.

These precedents are:

  • The Mediterranean –  Joaquim Sellas (2016)
  • Amalassunta –  Emilio Detti et al. (1972)
  • Sov-kino Film Production Complex –  Leonidov (1927)
  • Hualing Sea Plaza –  Hualing Group (2017)
  • Exodus – Rem Koolhaas et al. (1972)

What was taken:

  • Border condition.
  • Extension/celular build up.
  • Use of a Present and Hide.
  • Processes informing the layout.
  • Integration to existing fabric.



Application to site

A gesture of pulling that presents the proposed development to Abkhazia by removing the customs process and situating it on the limits of Anaklia in a process of hiding.

A gesture of inflection that re-orientates the centre of Anaklia by redefining the city limits.


RACresswell RACresswell


Programme Testing

In order to accentuate the gesture and ensure antagonism towards the social, political and economic situation of Anaklia, various programmes were tested.

Customs Facilty for the Population of Anaklia & affiliated companies of the Free Industrial Zone consisting of processing, storage and parading.

This will achieve integration within the proposed route of commerce for the local population and allow Anaklia to not be overlooked, exploited and become a peripheral town ignored by the incoming development.

Maria Mavrikou// Cross Crit

Through my research of the doppelgänger and the act of pastiche, I investigated these themes by placing them to our site in Anaklia by creating a mind map.

Anaklia is a rural town located in Western Georgia on the Black sea coast with a small population, apart from seasonal tourists. Since the 1960’s Anaklia has been promised a new deep-sea port that would bring a new city, new jobs and a new life to the people of Anaklia.

Anaklian Propaganda

While waiting, the people have no choice but to absorb the propaganda about their future. The main source of the propaganda is the ‘Anaklia Magazine’ as it works as autonomous element. There is a distinct difference of perceptions and expectations between the private sector that is selling this future idea and the locals as the sector receiving it.

There is a lack of ownership of ideas by the locals and they are allowing this propagandist myth to unfold..

While trying to understand tis propaganda I used their existing magazines and analysed how they are trying to persuade the locals on how this is what they want.

The project proposes a mockery approach to the propagandas of the deep-sea port and uses them to generate the “dream lifestyle” in Anaklia. The ideology of the ‘Anaklian Dream’ will unravel through the way it is produced and propagated in a neo-liberal way.

It is a gesture that is selling architecture as an image, that projects the dream lifestyle, by propagating architectural needs to residents of Anaklia.

The site will be located at between the coastline development the previous president had started that now is mainly abandoned hotels and between the end of the old town road. This is to enhance the irony of the “propagated” idea that is to be sold to the locals.

Precedence Study:

There are instances in America and Japan where after the war their needed a quick solution for their housing problem. Their introduced the model house that could be shipped to you within 2-3 weeks and you were available to select the colour of your roof allowing people to think that they were part of the design process but in real life they were propagated to think that way.

Hundreds of model homes were available for visiting// also extremely visible in printed media, including a wide variety of magazines.


Conceptual collages of house the dream lifestyle could be propagated.

Harry// Cross Crit

I presented precedent studies and intial possible layouts for an insular bathhouse echoing the Turkish Hammam style , opening out into something reminiscent of the British seaside lido and the backdrop of the ports.
The bathhouse would be utilitarian as a segway for the Port labourers returning to the leisure of the Anaklia Town, embracing its contrasting vision as a tourist hub. I need to justify the imagined clients more succinctly however.
Useful feedback included the significance of other uses of the port and engaging with it, such as possibility of passenger ferries etc.
The existence of a 4-way threshold: Sea/Land and Port/Town which my project sits upon.

A5 Handout:

Collage: Baths – Seawater Lido – Port backdrop

Site Plan @ 1:1000

Precedent Studies:




Transparency of Movement’s Barriers – Concept for Reinterpretation Drawing in Semester 1

Transparency; Reveal the Unseen Views // Glazing Element – Concept for Elemental Study in Semester 1

Transparency of Recycling Socialism – Concept for programme in Semester 2

The project of living/working and rest area space is an interaction & midpoint of land and water transportation, creates “Transparency” in political, economical and social aspects in the logistic of the port & railway infrastructure.

As the project is also labours orientated, this will create satisfied and happy workers. Open space is also plays a role in the Transparency concept to ensure the working space is comfortable and to avoid unseen views.

The usage of Transparency concept of this project; A visible presence in urban space & society, recreate domestic space; allow people to live together with shared facilities but yet a place of solitude.


Precedent Studies





Analysed and combined precedent studies





Collages on Programme




Analysis on Data Collection




Proposed Programme and Flow Diagram