Response to Problem Statement
The project proposes to establish a municipality building in which a town hall, a library and a civic space are accommodated to provide the people of Anaklia with services, information, education, culture and recreation.

Use: Municipality – town hall, library, civic space
User: People of Anaklia & logistic labours
Schedule: Services, information, education, culture and recreation

Formal Gesture
By establishing a municipal building for the community of Anaklia, it will enhance traditional Georgian ‘supra’ ritual and strengthen the cultural and ethical values.

By having four different functions – town hall, library & civic space; integrated into a public building, it will provide a place where inclusion, participation, identity, concentration and social relationship are manifested, as well as pride and sense of belonging.

Key themes: – municipality, centrality, locality, community


As we know that they have a stress / love-hate relationship between Georgia and Abkhazia in term of political issues and border issue. Abkhazia state already construct steel wall and use that as a border between this two state. Based on political information that, that steel wall becomes a physical border. At the same time, in term of nature resources border was highlight by the river itself – Enguri River. This river becomes nature resources border and share the natures resources together.


Upcoming project for this semeter will be how to reduce the tension between this two state. By using a nature resources as a catalyst, the river can be use as a platform to connect between this two state together. Water Purification Centre will be proposed between the island in this river in hope that they can share the nature resources and clean water together at the future.




IQA // Cross Crit

Anaklia can be seen as a potential transit hub where it sits strategically on the middle of east and west situation between Poti and Abhkazia and in the corner of north and south situation of China and Europe. The proposed transit hub is to generate new opening trade routes for neighboring countries (especially Abkhazia) and as a new transit point on part of the silk route.

Hence, the proposed site is to be place next to the future port of lazika that also could help accommodate mediation for travellers and a station that helps navigate commodities.My aim is to to strike a balance and interlinking between the two by not separating the programme and show transparency of how the spatial layout could work together

The aspect of directionality could represent viable choice for access to and from black sea ports. The train station that create interchange meeting point and transition for logistics. Hence, the train station design is to show frontalilty, axiality and alignment. Where the terminal is place perpendicular to the east-west axis which to have fluidity of circulation (for visitors & transport hub for container terminal)


The collage is to show integration of programme and a display of movement where, As people and cargo transverse between the nodes, the hub is the be a centralised as a major infrastructure for the mobility assembly and disposal of passengers and freights.

Harry// Cross Crit

I presented precedent studies and intial possible layouts for an insular bathhouse echoing the Turkish Hammam style , opening out into something reminiscent of the British seaside lido and the backdrop of the ports.
The bathhouse would be utilitarian as a segway for the Port labourers returning to the leisure of the Anaklia Town, embracing its contrasting vision as a tourist hub. I need to justify the imagined clients more succinctly however.
Useful feedback included the significance of other uses of the port and engaging with it, such as possibility of passenger ferries etc.
The existence of a 4-way threshold: Sea/Land and Port/Town which my project sits upon.

A5 Handout:

Collage: Baths – Seawater Lido – Port backdrop

Site Plan @ 1:1000

Precedent Studies:



LOK // Project Articulation



Historical and Political Identity of Anaklia

Anaklia is one of the village of black sea coast in Western Georgia. Geographically surrounded by Black sea coast, divided from North and South by  Inguri River, drifting from Caucasus Mountain which a largest boundary of Russian and Georgia. boarder of Abkhazia at the north part of Anaklia, and a new development deep sea port at the south.

This Village was a important sea port, fishing station during 17 century, and  they mainly engaged in agriculture now. A land with a mild climate and fertile soil. Sometime, the River bring stone, dirt and other treasure from the mountain.

Historically this land has been experienced a genocide from Russian, demolishing due to the new development for the New Deep Sea Port. within this contents, Anaklia is also a new tourists spot by Gem Fest from 2015.


How this exemplified in architectural form

The local people remain in the middle of facing the uncertain of the boarder from before, empty season of tourist in every year and a future new development in next 10 year.

During transformation from Village to City, Enhance and keep the local identity through expand the use of the river from a landscape to inhabitable.

activate the delta within the river.


Material and Structure:

Borne copper, light weight structure,


Problem Statement

A small population of Anaklia, facing invasion of new development with China, boarder with Russian, lack of infrastructure, flooding and landslide.

This project, not just tactic on the future economic and tourist but more important is maintain the life, create a buffer and connection of the river and those islands, north /south, local / tourist / develop.



Response to Problem Statement in terms of Proposal Aims

Those Island fill in the blank in the different seasons, bring another opportunity for local inhibition and farmer, is new logistics in the river to black sea, beach to island, city to city.

Infrastructure, it create a protection for flooding / landslide from the river to the lands. those bridges and new connection of those island, create a filtering dirt, stone, fish, treasure and fertile.


Site Special:

Again, the river as a both boundary and buffer. Those island not just surrounded by the river, it also enclosed by some trees. create a strong contrast from external / internal.



Spatial / Structure / Material / Light / day / night / Renaissance


The spatial arrangement is tend to detached, create a hidden link in between. treat those negative space as become space and being space.


illumination as a secondary way finding during night, during event, over the land and sea.


looking how structure deal with shifting sand, soft soil,  structure itself able to shifting / growing / expand the territory by itself, by weather, by natures element.


local resource not just form Anaklia, but also from other part of Georgia. mines and copper are easier to found in different area of Georgia.

the changing of material, by time and water. Erosion, Moisture, Moss, smoke and Oxidation etc.

As a filter, experiment how material itself become part of filtering by transparency, by patterns.


Ultimate Endeavours

The ultimate goal is create a infrastructure that maintain the Anaklia,

Create a choreography of social life and a link from agriculture to import / export for local people and tourist in different season.

A coastline system from city to another city.

A self maintain system for those islands/delta.

Renaissance Georgia culture.