Jude// Verb Model



v. Dismantle
def. To take apart into separate pieces


v. Synchronize
def. To occur or operate at the same time/rate


This verb model expresses a  pattern of forces that move in opposing directions but at the same rate. In doing so, it forms points of contact indicating a symbiotic relationship between the two.  As disruptions to the pattern take place, links emerge that hold the disruptions in place creating alternate forms of the original.


1.  SITE

Historical and Political Identity at Urban // Geographical scale

Anaklia is a seaside town located towards the west of Georgia on the Black Sea coast. It lies on the borders of Abkhazia as well as the Russian Greater Caucasus Mountains to the North.

Following the end of the Soviet reign over Georgia and the Soviet Wars in Abkhazia, Anaklia is home to Abkhazian IDP’s as well as local Georgians seeking new forms of representation and identity from their post-socialist past.

Due to its geographical location, Georgia has been identified as potentially facilitating high volumes of international trade between Europe and Asia. To capitalize on this potential, Anaklia is being developed in the creation of a new Silk Road through the construction of a New Deep Sea Port and a Free Industrial Zone. This new construction will demand the mass influx of workers.

My project will depart from the point where workers have moved to Anaklia in contract with the New Deep Sea Port. These workers would ultimately consist of :

  • Georgians relocating to Anaklia
  • IDP’s (relocation mirrors that of their microraion past)


How this is exemplified in architectural form

 Houses of Georgians have been bought for millions, demolished and upcycled in the construction of Phase 1 of the Deep Sea Port.  Through producing the image of ‘the other,’ of a single object on the cusp of taking on multiple fates, the New Deep Sea Port has created an antagonism where locals are being displaced whilst simultaneously becoming millionaires in a subtle display of ‘divide and conquer.’


Problem Statement

 Through such an antagonism, housing has been wrongfully reduced to social and financial classification. The condition for Anaklia, as a transforming city, has been synonymous with the objective of the New Deep Sea Port as territory. This objective lacks the production of quality of living that must be interdependent and simultaneous with the demarcation of territory.



 Response to Problem Statement in terms of Proposal Aims

 To view the city of Anaklia from and by housing. To construct new housing in synchronized action with the creation of ‘the other.’ Discovering what is missing and what is needed in order to produce a remarkable environment where the act of dwelling and the pleasure of living together is political.


Specific site chosen

Border Condition [Deep Sea Port Phase 1] – Point at the end of the directional road between the entrance to the logistics Port and the remaining residential houses.


Formal // Spatial // Narrative // Rhetorical

  • Programme: Mixed-use– Local Farmers Market + food orientated spaces
    Growing, harvesting, storing, cooking/dining, and composting– Social Housing
    Residential flats for displaced Georgians and dormitories for workers: IDP’s
  • Form: Mixed-use Tower [Geo-political marker]
  • Gesture: Luxury in simplicity, providing enough space for residents to experience different situations that is linked to a strategy of relationships that acknowledges the variety of characters and their individual parameters


Ultimate Endeavors

  • Spatial: Geo-political marker, possibility-fuelled space, freedom of use, porosity and transparency with surrounding environment
  • Social: Symbiotic relationship between the life cycle of local foods and community activity. The act of living together as a community
  • Political: The architecture of living together as a force alongside the creation of ‘the other’ in strengthening the developing identity of Anaklia



Individual Drawing 

Group Themes

Azuan Syahrol: The Grid
Debbie Donde: States of Exception
Maria Mavrikou: The Doppleganger

With the assignment of groups, my interpretation of ‘The Monster’ morphed into compositing all three of our groups themes into one hybrid interpretation of an architectural monster. Using the transformation of the Iveria and its consequential continuation through others, my interpretation of ‘the monster’ is the projection of the Iveria’s transformed elements, however, they are extrapolated onto a landscape void of scale or location. This projection creates a field of elements as opposed to a singular building. They represent significant parts of the Iveria, Shavnabada Monastery and the Deserter Bazaar that all form an interplay within the story of the Iveria Hotel. The elements specific in detail will dictate the field around them that is, itself, composed of the debris behind the operations needed to construct and reconstruct the multiple others.

This landscape, that is made of all that has fallen, the Exquisite Corpse disassembled in the creation of an extrapolated monster.



My final composite drawing begins with the use of Azuan’s theory of ‘The Grid’ as the base to my field with the inclusion of an edge condition to denounce the infinite. I conceived the grid in two forms, one representing the past order and the other, the new order. My elements sit on extruded and excavated areas never alienating the orientation of the grid. The motivation behind this was to further the idea that even when creating the other, each element will always tie back to their past order. The narrative of each element when looked at individually make no claim to anything but when looked at together, tell a much deeper story.

Debbie’s research on ‘The State of Exception’ was another device used to further this grid theory. By disturbing the grid through the extrusion and excavation of my elements, I was able to disturb the grid on which my field is sat and therefore create my own states of exception. The support structures and infrastructures needed to create such states fill the in between.



Group Drawing 

Through a similar construction to that of the Exquisite Corpse, a paradoxical confrontation between the elements of speech, Maria and I sought the juxtaposition of unlikely objects and their alliance of disparate worlds. In doing so, we would create an architecture that is both hybrid and in manipulation as a doppelgänger.

Keeping the Iveria’s skeleton as our base, we decided to reflect our separate elements, those of the original Iveria and those of Georgian architecture, through the act of pastiche. In doing so, our drawing represents a landscape where these two façades are continuously negotiating. As two forces, one with agenda and one without, their negotiation is the production of a doppelgänger whilst creating one larger doppelgänger.