JACK // Mid term Crit Reflection

The crit highlighted the importance of emphasising the central aspect of the gesture – vertical and horizontal. The plinth is expressed as a horizontal element that is raised vertically, elevating the meat and exposing the process.

(process Diagram)

As the design process moves from contextual gestures to finer detail, it is advised that the biopolitics of the proposed abattoir are explored and established through drawing. Internally, spaces will be carefully formed taking into account the metrics and spacial requirements of cattle as well as people.

(model photos) (Section)

The importance of justifying the necessity for this project in Anaklia through diagram, drawing and presentation was established as a priority within this project. Anaklia has livestock, animals are an important part of local life, familys have a relationship with their livestock. As Anaklia transitions from village to city with a rising population, this dynamic will change. The situation demands an investigation into how the process of subsistence farming can be sensitively navigated towards an industrialised process to meet the demands associated with the new port.

(animal diagram)

Ratio of animals to family in Anaklia


The above diagram represents a body of research undertaken to establish the processes that take place sequentially on my site from the field to the market stall. The abattoir and market place will respond directly to this process, this is why it has been crucial to establish the intricacies of each stage. Along side this, relevant statistics outlining the ratio of pigs, cows, water buffalo and chickens to each Anaklian family have been established by a local anthropologist. This has provided all the data needed to create a facility designed to expand and market produce from existing local subsistance farmers. Establishing ratios and the processes has allowed me to begin to work out exactly how much space must be dedicated to each phase moving forward. The below diagrammatic section illustrates the processes applied to the site over multiple levels.


The site incorporates two existing ruinous concrete buildings which will be incorporated into the 5 meter high plinth. Within this plinth, substructures will be placed incorporating the vertical abattoir as well as indoor meat and dairy markets. These will create a boundary condition for the outdoor, informal meat and dairy market. This diagram was used to establish a structural approach to the design of the site which is currently being progressed.



An additional process to be incorporated into the site is the kiln. In a bid to recycle the extensive amount of blood, blood bricks are to be fired on site. Blood is mixed with sand and fired at 70 degrees to produce a strong, weatherproof brick which can be sold to local builders, creating an additional source of income. the smoke from the kiln with cure hanging meats suspended above, accessed directly from the butcher shops on the plinth. This drawing also shows the progressed structural approach to the plinth. It consists of multiple islands held up my columns. These create a grid separated by structural glass revealing the multiple process’ of the abattoir below while also providing gaps for stairwells, services and hatches for meat to be transferred vertically. This process will be further developed to incorporate the buildings on top of the plinth and the rooms within. Below is a plan of plinth illustrating the grid.


Following our discussion on Tuesday, we have developed the framework for a more spatial drawing, translating the circular diagram into a layered single point perspective (see attached sketches, final composition still under development). Here an abstracted Magnitogorsk acts as the utopian spectacle, a disurban garden of eden. Placed on an infinite plinth in the landscape, there is a stark edge between the utopia and its landscape context. Above is the reflected reality of Magnitogorsk, a dense industrial dystopian reality that, supported by the landscape and facilitating the spectacle below.