List of things to do to expand on my project’s position:

  1. To elaborate the concept of “Transparency of Recycling Socialism”.
  2. Make diagram to explain the whole gesture of the logistic park and train terminal master plan.
  3. Thumbnails of moments
  4. Transfer points as key moments: commodities of containers and palettes, labours to working place, resting and sleeping areas

I am designing a desirable logistic of the goods but also I am taking a consideration for the workers by providing them places to rest and sleep. Thus the project is prioritising the commodities but I am still considering on the workers’ well-being.

The thumbnails of moments will be shown like my Reinterpretation drawing. From there, I will develop them with sectional drawings to show the architectural scale of the transfer points.

By referring to my project articulation and verb model, I will focus on the resting, sleeping areas and the domestic warehouse to show how the spaces connect and to show the flow of the labours and commodities. The key transfer points will be shown architecturally with sectional 1-point perspective and scaled diagrams.



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