JACK // Mid term Crit Reflection

The crit highlighted the importance of emphasising the central aspect of the gesture – vertical and horizontal. The plinth is expressed as a horizontal element that is raised vertically, elevating the meat and exposing the process.

(process Diagram)

As the design process moves from contextual gestures to finer detail, it is advised that the biopolitics of the proposed abattoir are explored and established through drawing. Internally, spaces will be carefully formed taking into account the metrics and spacial requirements of cattle as well as people.

(model photos) (Section)

The importance of justifying the necessity for this project in Anaklia through diagram, drawing and presentation was established as a priority within this project. Anaklia has livestock, animals are an important part of local life, familys have a relationship with their livestock. As Anaklia transitions from village to city with a rising population, this dynamic will change. The situation demands an investigation into how the process of subsistence farming can be sensitively navigated towards an industrialised process to meet the demands associated with the new port.

(animal diagram)

Ratio of animals to family in Anaklia

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