NUR AISYAH // 180213 & 180220

180213 – Design Progress

Expanded flow diagram. To show connection and transportation flows within spaces.



Comparison between the Future Deep-Sea Port in Anaklia and the existence Port of Felixstowe.



The diagrams below show the calculation and estimation areas & dimensions of containers and the container terminals:




Programmes with areas and scale. This diagram is to show the area differences.



Site Plan of logistic park and Iqa’s train station.






Logistic Park and Train Station plans.










Section of Logistic Park and Train Station.





Integrating public space and living space.






180220 – Structure Progress

From the precedent study; Port of Felixstowe, one of the warehouse zones is with 46, 451 sq.m. of total area. Thus, this figure is used as a guideline for the proposed Domestic and International general warehouses’ areas.

The estimation number of labours involved is 15,000. Thus, the living space requires roughly 11,250 sq.m. The area is divided into 8 blocks with 25-storey each to accommodate 15,000 local and international labours.





Updated site plan of logistic park and train station. This site plan also shows the flow of cargo train track into the logistic park.



Section of logistic park and train station.






Zoomed in section to show the space connection of the programmes by Nur, Iqa and the shared programme. This section also to show the proposal on transfer beam between the living space tower, shared public space and the warehouse.

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