SAVINI // Project Brief and Site


Workers Housing in Anaklia

Building Type:
Residential / Collective Housing

Anaklia is preparing to undergo vast re-development, which will see the development of a deep-sea port and an economic zone. This will transform the town from a small coastal resort into an international trade hub.

Anaklia will see a growth in the population as thousands of jobs are created during and after the construction.

The project will propose a residential solution for Anaklia, which responds to the changing population and economy, expecting adaptation and ownership by its prospective users.

The project will be deliberated on three scales; the urban, the architectural, and as singular units. This will establish a modular approach that can be implemented on a larger scale.

The central character / user are the workers, whilst they are individuals, they are also a commodity; Labour. The pre-requisite is that profit relies on cheap labour. Therefore, how can the workers gain from Anaklia?



What are the jobs that will be created?

Labourers: Construction workers, physical labourers.
Skilled labourers: drivrs, mechanics, Operations, Administration, Retail & Hospitality

Professionals: Engineers, Financial Services, Civil Services

Who are the people that will take these jobs?

Locals, from the region:
Many young people left school without basic qualifications. (Many people lack even valid driving licenses). Potentially a workforce for labourers / physical jobs and likely to be exploited, doing physical work and badly paid.
Region is sparsely populated, and would not make up a significant part of the workforce required.

Georgians, from other parts of country:
The government requires 90% of the workforce to be Georgian. This figure may be unattainable as there is a lack of highly-qualified workers for ‘white-collar’ jobs.

Foreign workforce :
The shortage of workforce will be supplemented by foreign workers. How can Anaklia attract the right people to work on the port? Will migrants move to Anaklia temporarily or settle?



In total, thousands of residential units may be required. I aim to explore this on the architectural scale – how do these units work, and on the urban scale, how does it function as a whole. using modular units, it will create a scheme that can multiply over time.


Spatial Programme

The programme aims to create efficient individual and collective units. This diagram explores relationships between spaces and the functions they must accommodate, and also how they relate to each other and the building form. This can be used to form a sequence of internal and external spaces.






The site is located near what can be identified as the town centre of Anaklia- with the presence of commercial and public services, and addressing two important route: one that leads to Zugdidi, so is the principle route into Anaklia from other parts of Georgia, and one street occupied by the school and church, and leading to the port area.


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