Savini Rajapakse // Anaklian Houses: Typology

After recording and analysing the houses in Anaklia, many commonalities emerge and begin to form a set of distinguishing features of the typical, vernacular Anaklian house.

  1. Ground: All houses are built upon a raised plinth, most likely to avoid damage to the timber from insects.
  2. Roof: Common roof forms are hipped or pitched roofs.
  3. Mass: All existing houses are 1-2 storeys high and of similar proportions.
  4. Windows / Fenestration: Common window types, presumably from one source, and similar rhythm to fenestration.
  5. Veranda / Balcony: Every house features generous external space in the form of a veranda or balcony. Often these spaces face onto the street, creating overlooking of the public space and passive surveillance. It also implies a social aspect, with furniture that suggests it is used as an external living space.
  6. External Stair: Many two storey dwellings have direct access to upper floor accommodation, often with an external stair leading onto a balcony space.

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