Following the Cross Critiques questions arose as to the processes of the project. The diagram below shows the processes of customs facilities that:

A. Import good for retail.

B. Import goods for distribution.

C. Export goods for distribution.

In order to successful interrogate these to inform layout, spatial diagrams were initiated. The diagrams below show how the processes could overlap and begin to define interesting moments in which architectural design will become significant. Through this process a single moment of my project articulation became compelling. This moment can be described as the tangent, a single instance in which the processes listed above all interact. In understanding this, a rethinking of the master plan and its Geo-political impact on the surrounding context was strengthened.


The diagram below shows how the tangent will interact and begin to define a new Anaklia. Within the implied radius of the circle I am proposing a new definition of the free industrial zone. This leading on from my work of inflection will allow Anaklia to become the centre of the new development and allow it to be a crucial piece in the regions development.

From working at such a vast scale the next step in the projects development will be to ‘zoom’ and consider the relationship of the tangent in regards to Abkhazia, Anaklia and the new economy of the Free Industrial Zone. The drawings below show the interaction of the commercial facade (foreground), industrial facade (background) and how they envelop the ideologies of the tangent.