Maria Mavrikou// Progress Week 04

Understanding the theories behind my building and the concepts of the gesture, I furthered my research into architectural and special arrangements. By compiling precedent studies of IKEA, the supermarket and the tree nursery; I researched the logistics of moving goods within these different operations. They do have one thing in common, however, which is that the buyer is part of the experience of the moving of these goods. (I have contacted IKEA for me to visit their warehouse).

Through these sketching diagrams, I was trying to understand how the goods are moved from the other side of the world in the IKEA situation to the actual warehouse. Through understanding the logistics of the moving and storage of goods, I am trying to show this spatially through the diagrams to enhance my understanding of the space required for the equipment, therefore understand how this knowledge could help me with my project.





Last week I started designing the space inside and out to attempt to show how feasible the interior space would be and the different scales it could contain.Conceptual Perspective


Through this perspective, the question of how these elements of the different buildings come together.

Deciding on the process of logistics by following IKEA with the flat pack route it would be more interesting and showing a volumetric process, meaning you can buy ready-made rooms. I am still in the process of making a list of all the scales within my building and which will unfold the sequence narrative.


Through the connection of the walls, it becomes a symbolism


Symbolism- The moment of the connections and the joints.

The concept regarding the transitions of the elements that are connected, and this connection is made. The prefabricated elements coming together.


Symbolic of the joints being able to become undone.

Since the volumetric aspect has been to covert further research and sketching has developed on how many volumetric spaces should/could fit within the building.

The sizing of the containers and how much a truck can carry, each container can fit half of a room if we estimate the room to be 6x6m (being the max) therefore I can only fit half a room in each container.

If the grid was to be 6x6x4 and I assume I will have 100 rooms within my building that means I would need 2500 modules of the grid

I am in the process of fully identifying the space and scale needed for the movement of objects. For the next week, I will have diagrams for the movement and plans and sections showing how these sequences with the moving of objects will fit within the site and the building by developing plans and sections.

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