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Continuing with the verbs Express and Articulate, I observed whether the verb model itself could be represented as an initial architectural form as seen from the design ideas below.


Initial Ideas, Week 4

New themes of convergence and divergence were highlighted in these branching out ideas which could suggest all types of people travelling to the proposed vision of Anaklia and also leaving it.

In addition to this, it was necessary to define my service station programme by three sequences which are: The Sequence of Arrival, The Sequence of Use & The Sequence of Departure.  My research analysed how these sequences work with the verbs in precedents such as, the Barbican Centre, the Georgian Wissol and Socar service stations, the Houten and the Gloucestershire Service Stations.

Barbican Centre Study


Socar, Batumi, Giorgi Khmaladze – Ground Floor Plan and Perspective Section Studies


AutoGrill Sketch Studies


Wissol Petrol, Gori, J. Mayer – Site Plan


Wissol Section


Gloucestershire Services, Glenn Howells Architects – Site Plan Study


Gloucestershire Services – Section, Floor Plan and Glulam Detail Studies

When I travelled to the Gloucestershire services it became apparent that once inside the vicinity of the building and its landscaping, it was almost impossible not to spend a long time there which is ironic considering the general stereotype of the service station typology.  Because of this, I now feel it is important to recreate this feeling through my design where the public could spend hours in a tranquil setting and not realise they are in the middle of a massive developing city.  This could be done through establishing a protective green belt zone around the services.

British Road Map – Prepare the Route
Sequence of Arrival
Sequence of Use
Sequence of Departure

Finally, to fully understand the complexity of the service station I visited, these organisational diagrams will be used to establish preliminary spatial relationships over an urban context and building scales.

Context Scale Organisational Diagram


Programme Scale Organisational Diagram

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