From the precedents study, I did some analysis to find the spatial arrangements of the shopping centres, and tried to find how shops interacted with each other inside the centres.

Then I did some analysis to find the generic plans for shops of different sizes. I put different programmes (Fitting Room, Cashier, etc.) inside these shops and analysis how plans and sizes are changed.

Further on, I will classify shops into 3 or 4 types (Small, Medium, departmental, Anchor) according to their uses. For each of them, I provide several choices for future shop owners. Ideally these shops should be prefabricated.

This collage illustrated how I want these shopping centre constructed. Prefabricated shops would be placed according to their own needs. Outdoor and indoor public spaces will be provided, these shops will be linked not only at ground level, but also various floors to create vibrancy.

PS: Because the shopping centre is going be be next to the Port, I think the outlook/style is also very matched.

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