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I have been figuring out the organisational principles for the my programme and project, refining the idea of a linear process of cleaning for the workers from the port, alongside the more lux elements of the leisure complex aimed more at tourists and residents taking leisure time.
Below shows the Spatial arrangement diagram which clearly lays out the arrangment and relation of spaces:
I am attempting to develop this into a coherent plan, as below, which will soon be digitsed to accurately work out the relations between spaces. The organisation follows the ‘shelf’ on the port side, allowing for some view through with the leisure elements opening up onto the beach, promenade and lido with sunset views and back to the port.

Sketch Parti of arrangement along breakwater

Having established that the short section was crucial to develop along the whole length of the building I have started to consider key moments, some more refined than others so far.

Sketch Short sections
Section: Entrance/Port changing room

Precedent Studies:

I found a useful precedent in Sonsbeek Pavilion in Arnhem, Aldo Van Eyck (1966) (http://socks-studio.com/2013/11/18/sonsbeek-pavilion-in-arnhem-aldo-van-eyck-1966/). The channeling of spaces with breaks and mediation between them, framing views and connections between them was an interesting example for subtle relations between separated spaces/flows.


To explore the microclimates and ‘one-roof’ structures that are unanimous in CenterParc waterparks and central buildings I drew some study sections of the spaces and how other spaces are encapsulated within.

I am developing a promenade map which presents it in a ‘theme park’ manner, highlighting key buildings and spaces along the route, but most importantly as a route in itself of which my building will be the culmination.



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