Inflection within architecture comments on the way in which a whole is implied through exploiting the individual objects opposed to their position or number.

It also refers to architectural gestures that imply a centre.

This can be seen explicitly within Palladio’s Villas; an example of this is Villa Emo. Villa Emo also employs a system of presenting and hiding.

The grand framing of the landscape is captured in its perceived front and its programme hidden from view.

When analysing existing and proposed Anaklia, the shift from a centrally located centre to one being manipulated by massive incoming development becomes apparent.

How is this then going to affect Anaklia socially, economically and politically?

Can the simple act of inflection produce geo-political relevance within Anaklia?


Precedent Studies

By using the same system of analysis, five precedent studies have been used to understand: the border condition, extension, infrastructural links and architectural gesture.

These precedents are:

  • The Mediterranean –  Joaquim Sellas (2016)
  • Amalassunta –  Emilio Detti et al. (1972)
  • Sov-kino Film Production Complex –  Leonidov (1927)
  • Hualing Sea Plaza –  Hualing Group (2017)
  • Exodus – Rem Koolhaas et al. (1972)

What was taken:

  • Border condition.
  • Extension/celular build up.
  • Use of a Present and Hide.
  • Processes informing the layout.
  • Integration to existing fabric.



Application to site

A gesture of pulling that presents the proposed development to Abkhazia by removing the customs process and situating it on the limits of Anaklia in a process of hiding.

A gesture of inflection that re-orientates the centre of Anaklia by redefining the city limits.


RACresswell RACresswell


Programme Testing

In order to accentuate the gesture and ensure antagonism towards the social, political and economic situation of Anaklia, various programmes were tested.

Customs Facilty for the Population of Anaklia & affiliated companies of the Free Industrial Zone consisting of processing, storage and parading.

This will achieve integration within the proposed route of commerce for the local population and allow Anaklia to not be overlooked, exploited and become a peripheral town ignored by the incoming development.