IQA // Cross Crit

Anaklia can be seen as a potential transit hub where it sits strategically on the middle of east and west situation between Poti and Abhkazia and in the corner of north and south situation of China and Europe. The proposed transit hub is to generate new opening trade routes for neighboring countries (especially Abkhazia) and as a new transit point on part of the silk route.

Hence, the proposed site is to be place next to the future port of lazika that also could help accommodate mediation for travellers and a station that helps navigate commodities.My aim is to to strike a balance and interlinking between the two by not separating the programme and show transparency of how the spatial layout could work together

The aspect of directionality could represent viable choice for access to and from black sea ports. The train station that create interchange meeting point and transition for logistics. Hence, the train station design is to show frontalilty, axiality and alignment. Where the terminal is place perpendicular to the east-west axis which to have fluidity of circulation (for visitors & transport hub for container terminal)


The collage is to show integration of programme and a display of movement where, As people and cargo transverse between the nodes, the hub is the be a centralised as a major infrastructure for the mobility assembly and disposal of passengers and freights.

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