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From Anaklia site mapping exercises, it’s clear there is presently a lack of services infrastructure capable of maintaining a deep-sea port, including the basic resources, number of buildings and suitable road conditions for the perceived increase of population, job opportunities and outside trade.  This is evident as there are currently no petrol stations within a 20km radius.

Anaklia minor road conditions, November 2017
Lazika abandoned road network, November 2017








Because of this, I propose a new service station and thoroughfare on the town’s outskirts towards the eastern entrance.  This will help connect the proposed free industrial zone to other areas of manufacture and provide a relaxation/networking hub for foreign tourists, Gem festival-goers and the deep sea port transportation workforce.

Poti – Anaklia, Thorough fare proposal
Context Scale Plan
Site Plan

The “Georgian Identity” strategy advises a Typical Plan layout to encourage flexible future expansion.  Architectural elements are duplicated and arranged as a message to imagine a moment in the worker’s life as part of a single cohesive whole.  The pipeline or road network may hint at the process of obtaining the resource/labour conditions.  It’s the act of uncovering the unseen and expressing Georgia’s situation through its architecture.

Design Idea 1
Design Idea 2

Equally, I was questioning what could make this infrastructure spectacular? I.e. the sheer scale of the construction or the views of adjacent landscape when the infrastructure acts as a part of a journey seen in precedents such as, the Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, the Balcombe Viaduct or the Autogrill service station.


Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, Spain – 1st century AD
Balcombe Viaduct, David Mocatta – West Sussex, 1841
Fondo Pavesi Autogrill, Angelo Bianchetti – Montepulciano

The exploration into architectural elements that supersise and interlock with each other could suggest service station spaces which frame the volume of the street that the existing pipeline associates with.  I’ve thought of my service station as a figurative gateway to the old town of Anaklia so the idea of expressing the history and negative consequences of capitalism/exploitation can be seen when the subsequent planned developments emerge.

Views of Service Station in Site Context
Service Station Ground Floor Plan
Service Station Volumes Intersecting and Framing

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