Maria Mavrikou// Cross Crit

Through my research of the doppelgänger and the act of pastiche, I investigated these themes by placing them to our site in Anaklia by creating a mind map.

Anaklia is a rural town located in Western Georgia on the Black sea coast with a small population, apart from seasonal tourists. Since the 1960’s Anaklia has been promised a new deep-sea port that would bring a new city, new jobs and a new life to the people of Anaklia.

Anaklian Propaganda

While waiting, the people have no choice but to absorb the propaganda about their future. The main source of the propaganda is the ‘Anaklia Magazine’ as it works as autonomous element. There is a distinct difference of perceptions and expectations between the private sector that is selling this future idea and the locals as the sector receiving it.

There is a lack of ownership of ideas by the locals and they are allowing this propagandist myth to unfold..

While trying to understand tis propaganda I used their existing magazines and analysed how they are trying to persuade the locals on how this is what they want.

The project proposes a mockery approach to the propagandas of the deep-sea port and uses them to generate the “dream lifestyle” in Anaklia. The ideology of the ‘Anaklian Dream’ will unravel through the way it is produced and propagated in a neo-liberal way.

It is a gesture that is selling architecture as an image, that projects the dream lifestyle, by propagating architectural needs to residents of Anaklia.

The site will be located at between the coastline development the previous president had started that now is mainly abandoned hotels and between the end of the old town road. This is to enhance the irony of the “propagated” idea that is to be sold to the locals.

Precedence Study:

There are instances in America and Japan where after the war their needed a quick solution for their housing problem. Their introduced the model house that could be shipped to you within 2-3 weeks and you were available to select the colour of your roof allowing people to think that they were part of the design process but in real life they were propagated to think that way.

Hundreds of model homes were available for visiting// also extremely visible in printed media, including a wide variety of magazines.


Conceptual collages of house the dream lifestyle could be propagated.

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