Harry// Cross Crit

I presented precedent studies and intial possible layouts for an insular bathhouse echoing the Turkish Hammam style , opening out into something reminiscent of the British seaside lido and the backdrop of the ports.
The bathhouse would be utilitarian as a segway for the Port labourers returning to the leisure of the Anaklia Town, embracing its contrasting vision as a tourist hub. I need to justify the imagined clients more succinctly however.
Useful feedback included the significance of other uses of the port and engaging with it, such as possibility of passenger ferries etc.
The existence of a 4-way threshold: Sea/Land and Port/Town which my project sits upon.

A5 Handout:

Collage: Baths – Seawater Lido – Port backdrop

Site Plan @ 1:1000

Precedent Studies:



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