Transparency of Movement’s Barriers – Concept for Reinterpretation Drawing in Semester 1

Transparency; Reveal the Unseen Views // Glazing Element – Concept for Elemental Study in Semester 1

Transparency of Recycling Socialism – Concept for programme in Semester 2

The project of living/working and rest area space is an interaction & midpoint of land and water transportation, creates “Transparency” in political, economical and social aspects in the logistic of the port & railway infrastructure.

As the project is also labours orientated, this will create satisfied and happy workers. Open space is also plays a role in the Transparency concept to ensure the working space is comfortable and to avoid unseen views.

The usage of Transparency concept of this project; A visible presence in urban space & society, recreate domestic space; allow people to live together with shared facilities but yet a place of solitude.


Precedent Studies





Analysed and combined precedent studies





Collages on Programme




Analysis on Data Collection




Proposed Programme and Flow Diagram

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