Historical and Political Identity at Urban // Geographical scale

The existing tourist spot, gathering space, buildings, monument didn’t create a successful life and link connection to people, as well as not enhance the geographic of Anaklia.

Gem Fest is one of the key event in the summer for Anaklia. However, is there any events able to reactivate Anaklia, or in winter time? Provide a more stable economic / workforce ? Is there any local human resource we can bring in ? How can the nature elements like the sea, the sun, the moon light, the mountain and other abandoned buildings (mainly the abandoned pier and the building behind) as a existing framework to drive a project to maintain Anaklia? Is there something can redefine the site in regards the orientation and program which provides  connection to both local people and tourists?


How this is exemplified in architectural form

Through the elements study of these Junctions in site, it shown that the spatial experience did not define a clear wayfinding and a meaningful promenade.(etc.from one spot to another spot)

Apart from a official iconic building, different kind of lighting in site become another wayfinding: including both Nature lighting and artificial lighting.


Problem statement

Gem Fest is the biggest event in Anaklia, is there any Events in Georgian Culture reactivates Anaklia?

If people follows light, and Light creates event, event creates movement to Anaklia, how does it work in day / night; work in an annual project for anaklia for rest of the month; and architecturally define the location that bringing life but not given a bad impact to site.



Response to Problem statement in terms of Proposal Aims


Relocate the iconic building / gathering space, Soften / blur the boundary of tourist spot and local residents. Resurrection the abandoned buildings and the cityscape. Place different fragments into the junctions, some on the road, some on the river, some on the sea, some on the beach. Each spatial fragment works with the surrounding building, and give orientation, for the future, it give a reference point for the future program, or suggest activities. Creates different pocket centre points and it become a unconscious boundary for anaklia and future develop.

Specific site chosen

Each junction, become part of spatial sequences and threshold in the site, each junction work with the others, It acts as a ‘becoming space’ (referencing to Tschumi and Derrida Parc le Villette).  ( See and seeing ) being space and becoming space..


Formal // Spatial // Narrative // Rhetorical

Techniques, Methods, Strategies and provocations (programme / form / gesture)

If an iconic building works as a physical object to wayfinding, could a void creates a insensible discovery for the site.

Discovery Anaklia these different time, through the day and night explore the city. Demonstrate a chronograph project in Anaklia. Give Anaklia a new event / new routine.


Ultimate Endeavours

How this relates to site (historical)identity & problem statement?


Through a series of object Redefine the orientation in the site, use nature element to develop a new axis, a insensible wayfinding / junctions as a link to reconnect the site for people(Sun / Mountain / sea / moon? Abandoned building)

This project sets up a guide for any future development / (like a master plan but using time base to order the programs and event)


Create 24/7 Events /Flow / port / and tourist / create a new routine for Anaklia.


It became a Event city . Activate anaklia.


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