As a conceptual and experimental drawing trying understand the life through a cinematic study from Rose revolution Square and Iveria Hotel in Tbilisi. Not only the way of drawings but, we are trying to depict “post soviet life ” in between and the inhibition of public life for vehicle and human.


As large, the Individual Drawing shows the unfold and distorted perspective to compare the use of the existing square / road. Furthermore, deconstruct the drawing in different layers. Look into a small scale, Re-framed the drawing into different moments, create a visual storyline montage.The drawings also show the Delay memories / images through the hatches, and each framed view suggesting a sequence of seeing. Each scene able to see some hints of phantom, like the nature, the mountain, the sun, the infrastructure, the signage, the adv, the proportion of street and the light post.

A Night version give a strong atmosphere of how the illumination dominated the street, Lighting as a way of finding.

Combine drawing:

The drawings expressed the dark of under the Rose revolution square. We emphasises the contrast of Refurbish / Ruin. Bright / Dark, Clean / Corrupt, Secure / Dangerous,  Smoothness / Roughness.

Interesting to note, the space under the Rose Revolution Square is denoted by Clubs, a unwelcome entrance for  nightlife. / hiding life.

Further development:

Individual drawings add more detail on “monuments” that can link to each scene.

Time : using sun / moon or other thing to present the change of time

Light : emphasise light and surrounding.

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